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Cloud 9 Perception

Vision-enabled hardware & software for automation

Cloud 9 Perception is leveling the playing field for industrial machine vision. Our unique 2D/3D sensing & computing hardware combined with advanced perception algorithms allows us to deliver high performance solutions while lowering your costs.

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Embedded Vision Hardware

Our sensors harness the power of depth imaging, giving us the ability to perceive dynamic environments. Our modules are able to provide a robot with pick coordinates, transmit dimension data to PLCs, scan a product for defects, etc. High-resolution 2D image data is also included for tasks such as barcode scanning, label reading, recognition, and more!

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Custom-Tailored Perception Software

We provide the ability to leverage your own software development assets with our state-of-the-art sensing and computing capabilities. We understand that sometimes you want to develop your own solutions, so we've made it easy. Our Voxel dev-kits provide unlimited access to a full Linux OS and optimized computing APIs. This allows you to develop and deploy your own applications without additional computing hardware!

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Expert Consultation Services

Our consulting services harness the collective knowledge of seasoned integration specialists, talented software developers, and cutting-edge research experts. Whether it is complicated integration issues that require expert applications engineers, development of deep-learning based detection algorithms, or higher-level brainstorming, Cloud 9 Perception has you covered.

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Hardware & Software Integrations

Our vision enabled hardware and custom-tailored software can integrate with your existing automation systems. We provide integration options for several of the leading robotics manufacturer's products including:


How we're changing the industrial robotics world

Cloud 9 Perception is leveling the playing field for industrial-based machine vision. Our unique 2D/3D Vision Hardware combined with unparalleled, customized software allows us to deliver quality solutions while lowering your costs.


2D & 3D Vision

Our sensors harness the power of 3D image data, giving us the ability to visualize and analyze any scenario in 3D. This can provide a robot with pick coordinates, give a PLC dimension data, scan a product for defects, etc. Not only does it handle 3D data but it also can perform multiple 2D tasks as well such as barcode scanning, label reading, recognition, high-speed detection, and more!

Increase Productivity

Cloud 9 Perception excels at creating solutions that accomplish exponentially more, with much less hardware. The fact that all of our products are created with the end operator in mind further enhances the friendly user interfaces for both our software and hardware


The Voxel is designed to be a simple addition to your process. We have created an easy to use graphical interface so that our customers can setup an imaging system or visualize one that is custom tailored to your application. Simply put, we make complex solutions easy


Our Voxel dev-kits have an on board full-blown Linux OS and can offer the full power and speed of our sensor and processor to your own applications

Quick Results

Our software and hardware are heavily optimized to run fast and efficiently, making sure that vision isn't what's bottle-necking your process. Not only are our vision solutions high speed, but our turnaround time on developing your application is quick too!

Forward Thinking

At Cloud 9 Perception, not only does our hardware have vision, but so does the company. We invest in forward-thinking technologies so that you'll always be one step ahead by using our products. By utilizing scalable hardware and software solutions, we can ensure that we grow along side the fast-paced technologies of the industry.