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Custom-Tailored Software


The powerful combination of our custom hardware and software will streamline work flows and simplify complicated issues. In addition to custom software, we allow your team to work with our software as well via advanced SDK and API development kits.

How it works

Robotics has long changed the manufacturing, material handling, traffic systems, defense and various other industries. However, over the years we've grown accustomed to the basic steps and functions that this machine automation has provided. While we are miles ahead of where we came from in this industry, there is still a far more to accomplish. Cloud 9 Perception has a mission to take lean automation to the next level with vision and intelligence.

Our software is customized for your specific automation and robotics needs. When you couple that with our custom hardware we do something amazing - we give sight or 2D/3D Vision to your existing fleet of robots, and more importantly we can program them to act intelligently based on this newfound 'sense' we've given them.


API & SDK Development Kits

Our Voxel dev-kits have an on board full-blown Linux OS and can offer the full power and speed of our sensor and processor to your own applications. This means your engineers can further customize any aspect of the hardware/software combo to meet and scale with your future growth and ever-changing automation needs.

Free Consultation

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"The team at Cloud 9 Perception was able to quickly develop a solution for our unique application. From the original scope, we worked very closely with the C9P team to get a prototype developed quickly, with very rapid iterations to convert the original prototype to a deliverable product. When it came time to integrate their perception solution with other components of our automated packaging system, the Cloud 9 Team was a very capable and resourceful partner, working well with our other vendors, to deliver a groundbreaking solution in our industry. I would highly recommend the Cloud 9 Team."

Jeff B.
CEO – FoldedPak, Inc.