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Being pioneers on the forefront of 3D vision for Lean Automation, Cloud 9 Perception is helping companies of all sizes streamline complex workflows. We're helping companies by giving their automation workforce a vision and the intelligence to act on it.

A pioneering vision for robotics automation

James Staud and Christopher McMurrough, PhD, have been working on automation and robotics since 2005 as enthusiasts and since 2011 professionally. After realizing that the automation industry was headed toward a second robotics revolution, they founded Cloud 9 Perception. A company that would help businesses with convoluted workflows needing complex solutions. By leveraging collaborative robots, machine vision, and machine learning Cloud 9 Perception has developed product systems that level the playing field in the industry.

  • Machine Vision System Camera

    3D Machine Vision Systems

  • Perception-Based Software

  • Machine Vision Systems Consulting

Redefining Machine Vision Systems

Christopher was inspired to develop a truly industrial solution to 3D machine vision. One that was low cost and able to bring the possibilities of vision application to every level of the supply chain. James saw the potential of using modern hardware and software methods to reduce costs and to introduce new features to industrial vision applications.

James and Christopher teamed up to start Cloud 9 Perception with the intention of helping the new revolution of vision technology to get it’s start. It began in a garage in Arlington TX and through many iterations of working with local customers. The company quickly progressed and expanded to large office space along with a full team of engineers and developers.

What sets Cloud 9 Perception apart?

Cloud 9 Perception has the skill and knowledge to solve even the most complex problems by using modern computing techniques and software methods. While this type of phrasing has become ubiquitous in the industry, we really mean it. We leverage existing cutting-edge technologies along with developing our own. When combined with our strategies and approach at problem solving, you get unparalleled results. We are bringing innovative vision hardware and software into Material Handling, Manufacturing, R&D, and many other industries.

A vision for the future

In order to thrive in the fast-paced business environment of today companies need to also have a plan and an eye out for what's next. We know where the industry is headed. The future is machine learning and Cloud 9 Perception is on the forefront of bringing machine learning to industrial solutions. We are working to build an industrial grade solution that can learn and improve as it works on a task. This will make lead times to integrate vision much smaller and make the possibilities much more dynamic.


Custom Machine Vision Systems

All-in-one machine vision modules combine 3D sensing with real-time on-board processing, removing the need for remote computer hosts. 

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