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We offer several solutions for the most complex machine vision system needs. Get in touch below for a free consultation to see how we may be able to help you and your company.

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  • Machine Vision System Hardware

    3D Vision-Enabled Robotics Hardware

    Our sensors harness the power of 3D image data, giving us the ability to visualize and analyze any scenario in 3D. This can provide a robot with pick coordinates, give a PLC dimension data, scan a product for defects, etc. Not only does it handle 3D data but it also can perform multiple 2D tasks as well such as barcode scanning, label reading, recognition, high-speed detection, and more!

  • Custom Machine Vision Systems

    Intelligent Software Design

    Our engineers can develop custom software to interpret the sensor data from our hardware. This powerful combination will enable your robots to function intelligently with their newfound 2D & 3D vision. We understand that sometimes you want to develop your own solutions, so we've made it easy. Our Voxel dev-kits have an on board full-blown Linux OS and can offer the full power and speed of our sensor and processor to your own applications.