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Whether you've got a question, or a problem unlike any other. We're here to help. Our consulting services harness the power of a collective of experts in fields going back decades. Whether its nitty-gritty hardware/software issues that require a conversation with our application engineers or higher-level brainstorming, Cloud 9 Perception has you covered.

How it works

Simply tell us about your machine/automation scenario and what you're trying to achieve - we'll handle the rest. Our experts have years of hands on experience working with industries of all types and customers of all sizes. Because our software is custom made, and our vision enabled hardware is far advanced, we are able to develop simple, scalable solutions for almost any situation.

Click here to begin the process. Reach out for a free consultation to determine how we'll be able to help you. With our consulting services you'll be able to speak directly with anyone needed throughout the process whether it's the application engineers or the creative idea thinkers that oversee the process. You'll always be in the loop, and can participate as little or as much in the solutions as you'd like.

Free Consultation

Learn how we can best help your company. Get in touch with our team today to set up a free consultation.

"The team at Cloud 9 Perception was able to quickly develop a solution for our unique application. From the original scope, we worked very closely with the C9P team to get a prototype developed quickly, with very rapid iterations to convert the original prototype to a deliverable product. When it came time to integrate their perception solution with other components of our automated packaging system, the Cloud 9 Team was a very capable and resourceful partner, working well with our other vendors, to deliver a groundbreaking solution in our industry. I would highly recommend the Cloud 9 Team."

Jeff B.
CEO – FoldedPak, Inc.