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A little about what we do


Cloud 9 Perception is an industrial robotics company that specializes in an efficient mix of hardware and software. Our hardware uses specialized sensors that take in 2D and 3D visual data, which is then interpreted by our custom-tailored software. This allows for a powerful combination to streamline work flows and simplify complicated issues. 

3D Vision-Enabled Robotics Hardware

Equip your automation workforce with 2D & 3D Vision

Our sensors harness the power of 3D image data, giving us the ability to visualize and analyze any scenario in 3D. This can provide a robot with pick coordinates, give a PLC dimension data, scan a product for defects, etc. Not only does it handle 3D data but it also can perform multiple 2D tasks as well such as barcode scanning, label reading, recognition, high-speed detection, and more!

Custom-Tailored Software

In addition to giving your robots 2D & 3D vision, we'll give them the intelligence to act on it

Our engineers can develop custom software to interpret the sensor data from our hardware. This powerful combination will enable your robots to function intelligently with their newfound 2D & 3D vision. We understand that sometimes you want to develop your own solutions, so we've made it easy. Our Voxel dev-kits have an on board full-blown Linux OS and can offer the full power and speed of our sensor and processor to your own applications.

Expert Consultation Services

If you already have an automation workforce and place, but need some assitance in improving it and creating a much more lean automation work flow- we're here to help!

Whether you've got a question, or a problem unlike any other. We're here to help. Our consulting services harness the power of a collective of experts in fields going back decades. Whether its nitty-gritty hardware/software issues that require a conversation with our application engineers or higher-level brainstorming, Cloud 9 Perception has you covered.

Free Consultation

Learn how we can best help your company. Get in touch with our team today to set up a free consultation.

Hardware & Software Integrations

Our vision enabled hardware and custom-tailored software can integrate with your existing automation systems. We provide integration options for several of the leading robotics manufacturer's products including:

Denso Robotics
Universal Robots